For students: You can answer one or several questions at a time and will be able to edit your answers anytime until the cut-off deadline - June 25, 23:59 anywhere in the world.

Please press the SUBMIT button at the last page for your answers to be saved, the system will provide you with a link to come back and edit/continue and will also send you a copy by email. A phrase or a short text of up to a couple of sentences is sufficient as an answer.

You are strongly encouraged to start answering already during the event!

After your final answers are evaluated by the lecturers, you will receive a notification email with your scores and will be able to get to the answers to see the detailed results.  


  June 20-25: Online-exam is open for answers

  June 26 - July 3: Evaluation by the lecturers

  July 5: Scores released to the participants

The list of questions in PDF

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