Local Information

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The city is known for the picturesque Old Town with its medieval architecture. The largest cities closest to Tallinn are:

  • Helsinki - 60 km to the North
  • Stockholm - 450 km to the West
  • St. Petersburg - 350 km to the East
  • Riga - 250 km to the South

Get to Tallinn

By Air: Tallinn Airport (TLL) is situated just 4 km away from Tallinn downtown. You can reach the city center either by taxi or airport buses, connecting the airport, city center, bus terminal, train station (only No. 90K) and passenger port.

By Sea: The Port of Tallinn is connected by sea routes to Stockholm, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg. The timetable for passenger ships is available here. The Passenger Port is located in the city center very close to the old town.
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